1. Do wrinkles vanish only by rubbing the skin with jade or rose quartz stone roller?

Although many find this funny and impossible to believe, jade and rose quartz stones beautifully work on the moist skin to produce collagen and elastin fibers- the two skin tightening fibers. With these fibers, you will have a tight skin and all your fine lines and wrinkles get vanished easily.

2. Why is exfoliating the face skin important?

The skin on the face is almost left uncovered all day long. There are a lot of polluted particles that ssp into the skin pores and settle. Apart from this, there are new cells that keep growing under the dead skin cells found on the top layers of the skin. If the pollutants and dead skin are not removed or exfoliated, the newly generated cells do not carry out their function well.

3. Which one is a better option? Home facial treatment or salon facial treatment?

Salons have amazing beauty experts that pamper you and your skin when you go there for a facial treatment and also make you shell out money or their services. The same facial treatment can be taken at home with a good high-frequency beauty machine that works as good as your beauty expert in the salon. You could save money and get a facial massage more frequently.

4. What is the best way to reduce eye puffiness?

Eye and face cells retain water after you have a good sleep at night. This makes your face becomes puffy and your under eyes swell. Jadestone is a natural cooling element. When a Jade stone is used as a roller to roll underneath your eyes and face, it instantly reduces all the puffiness on your face. You get better results when you refrigerate the stone roller before use and use it twice a day - once before you go to bed and the other time when you wake up from the bed.

5. What is the best way to naturally hydrate skin?

Skin needs to be hydrated very well to avoid dullness and dryness that lead to various skin issues. One good way is to drink plenty of water. Just like plants get an extra speck of freshness when you water it outside although it absorbs water through the roots, your skin needs a tinge of moisture from the outside too. Applying a good moisturizer on your skin and then using a rose quartz roller traps the moisture in the pores of the skin that get closed because of the rose quartz stone. This helps you get a skin kissed with moisture.

6. How does a bad hair scalp affect the skin?

We seldom forget that the hair scalp is also a part of face skin. The oils that are naturally secreted by the hair scalp come in contact with skin and cause blockage of skin pores that give way to acne-related issues. You can use the comb tube of the high-frequency beauty machine to get rid of the unwanted sebum on the scalp. If the oil secretion of your hair scalp is too much, you can wash your hair every day with a shampoo containing all-natural elements.

7. Why are eDiva products always recommended?

eDiva products are designed using the latest technology that still has roots that grow from natural treatments of skin and hair. The products do not need chemicals, are 100% natural and can be the best DIY you can do at home all by yourself. You can be blessed with amazing skin that glows from the inside naturally.

8. How can one easily remove blackheads?

Blackheads are every woman’s problem. They appear on the skin when oil and dirt get trapped inside your skin pores and solidify in no time. There are a hundred face masks to remove them but who has the time to get dirty? You can easily remove the blackheads and also the acne spots using a facial scrubber machine that painlessly peels off the dead skin and removes all the blackheads easily.