Puffy Eyes? Try Best Jade Roller for Face and Other Home Remedies

Dec 08 , 2018

Puffy Eyes? Try Best Jade Roller for Face and Other Home Remedies

Our eyes are the windows to our souls. But what if we have perpetually puffy eyes? It doesn’t  that make our souls suspect and less attractive. Still, puffy eyes can make us look tired and maybe give Mr. Right a reason against swiping right. If only it were as easy as getting the best jade roller for face on Amazon and just rolling the puffiness away! 

We all know that regular exercise and a low sodium diet are key to keeping puffy eyes at bay. But what if they’re there and you don’t have 3 days to detox the last bag of Lay’s you ate last night? The good news is we have home remedies proven effective against fighting puffy eyes. The best part? As home remedies, you probably have all you need in your kitchen or pantry. 


Chilled tea bags.  

Any tea will do, just make sure they’re not decaf. Steep the tea bags first. Remove from cup and place in the freezer. Drink the tea while waiting for the the bags to chill. Teas are natural diuretics and should help your body get rid of retained water. Once you’re done drinking, check if the tea bags are cold enough. You want the tea bags cold, not frozen. Anything frozen placed on the delicate eye area does more harm than good. Place over your eyes for 5 minutes.  

Not quite the best jade roller for face but it can be the MacGyver version 

Grab a pair of metal spoons and pop in the freezer. Wait a few minutes for the spoons to chill. Place the curved part of the spoon over your eyes for 5 minutes or until they lose their coldness. Some like to run the spoon over water before popping in the freezer. Some like to massage the rest of their face using the curved part. Spoons don’t look like the best jade roller for face but it works when you’re in a bind. 


Chilled cucumber.  

We see this a lot in movies and shows, usually in a comedic situation. The thing is, chilled cucumbers work! Place a slice of cucumber over your eyes. Leave on for 5 minutes or until it loses its coldness. The coldness helps depuff the eyes while it’s vitamin C helps lighten the under eye area. 


Chilled potato.  

Run out of cucumbers? That’s not a problem because potatoes work equally well for puffy eyes. Cut thick slices of potatoes with diameters large enough to cover the eyes. Pop them in the freezer for a few minutes and then place over your eyes. The coldness address the puff while its vitamin C lightens the under eye area. 

Chilled avocado.  

If you want something fruitier, you can try chilled avocado instead. Slice the avocado at just the right length, chill for a few minutes in the freezer and place in your under eye area. Like the cucumber and potato, the coldness treats the puffiness and its vitamin C content lightens the area. You can even mash the avocado, place it on your entire face and use a tool like the best jade roller for face to massage your face. You’re getting rid of puffy eyes, wearing a beauty mask and getting a facial massage all in one go. 


Home remedies for puffy eyes need to get more serious love from us. Tea, vegetables and tools like the best jade roller for face are cheap, natural, readily available and most importantly work! An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure so make sure you stay away from salty food and exercise regularly to minimize the chances of  getting puffy eyes. But should you find yourself in a bind, check your kitchen for a puffy eyes cure.