Lymphatic Massage and its Benefits. Why it Should Be in your Routine.

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The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage, Natural Face Massage Roller and Why You Need IT in Your Routine 

The lymphatic system consists of organs and tissues working together to help the body flush out toxins. It transports lymph or fluid containing white blood cells through lymphatic vessels. These vessels are connected to lymph nodes, which filter the lymph fluid. So how can a natural face massage roller like a jade roller have any effect on lymph nodes? While they are located all over our body, 70% of them are in areas close to the skin surface like our groin, neck, arm pit and our inner knees and elbows.   

It’s important to make sure that our lymphatic system runs smoothly. Any blockage hinders our body’s ability to get rid of toxins and heal itself, which may lead to inflammation, infection and visible swelling. One proven effective way of removing any blocks in our lymphatic system is through regular sessions of lymph massage, also known as lymphatic drainage. The ancient Chinese knew about this and developed a technique using a natural face massage roller to treat this condition. 

The lymph massage is a rhythmic massage performed with circular motions.  The masseuse otherapist applies the appropriate pressure because excessive force can create even more blockage. It follows the lymphatic system’s structure to remove any blockage or jumpstart sluggish circulation.  


The lymph massage is beneficial for everyone, from healthy individuals to those coming from treatments of critical illness and surgery. Here are some well-known and well-documented benefits from regular sessions of lymphatic massage: 

Stronger Immune System. The lymphatic system plays a pivotal role in our immune system. As the body’s first line of defense, it combats any infection or disease that enters the body. This makes a well-functioning lymphatic system necessary to keep our immune system strong. 

Wellness. Body massages and facial massages, with or without the use of natural face massage roller, are proven to lower our stress levels. We all know that high stress levels affect our hormones, our appearance, our heart and our cortisol level, causing our body to retain water and accumulate stubborn fat in the abdominal area.  

Healing. Lymphatic massages are particularly helpful for athletes treating specific injuries and those who underwent surgery recently. They help the cells and tissues regenerate faster. They minimize the chances of scarring. They treat and prevent swelling by making sure the body flushes out toxins and minimize any incidence of inflammation.   


Lymphatic massages, with or without the use of natural face massage roller, are gentle and generally considered safe. It’s meant to promote and increase fluid circulation so if you have a condition where you need to avoid anything that increases fluid circulation, consult with your physician before pursuing this treatment.  Some instances where a lymphatic message can be more harmful than helpful: 

  • You recently experienced congestive heart failure 
  • You have a kidney disease 
  • You have blood clotting problems 
  • It’s been less than 6 weeks since your surgery 
  • You have a skin infection 

Lymphatic massage offers a myriad of benefits and it makes sense to incorporate it in your routine. Unless you’re treating a specific condition, complementing a once or twice a month professional treatment with shorter home sessions is more than adequate to promote better skin and overall well-being. Read More

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