Skin cells

Your skin is the largest organ on your body made up of few distinctive components. As it protects your body from any physical and external harm, it is the most exposed organ to outside risks. 

For an average person, the skin weighs almost six pounds. Skin cells plays a very important role to our bodies: it protects us from diseases and germs. 

In order for our skin cells to survive and do its job properly, it constantly renews itself. In reality, the outer layer of our skin, epidermis, renews itself roughly each 27 days. Therefore, proper skincare is important to maintain its health and essentialness. 


How Does Skin Cells Regenerate? 

Re-genaration of skin cells and repair of damages on the skin begins with the most profound portion of the epidermis -- the stratum basale. The primary arrange of recovery includes expansion of the skin cells of the stratum basale itself. 

Once done, all that's required is for the skin cells of this layer to proceed to divide and relocate upward to fill whatever space remains over.  

Being exposed to sun, dirt and other factors, your skin cells had gone through strenuous times and requires extra-care and ability to regenerate itself. 


How To Maintain A Healthy Skin? 

To maintain a healthy skin, there are some factors to consider. Before putting any product on your skin, know your skin type and the ingredients of the product or what it does to your skin. 

If you have dry skin, avoid products that mattifies the skin. Else, if you have an oily skin, avoid greasy products as it will cause breakouts to your skin.  

Climate is also a factor. When the weather is cold, your body will absorb your fluid as much as it can thus your skin will tend to dry out. For general skincare, here some few tips for you to maintain a healthy skin: 


Cleansing. Use a gentle but effective cleanser. You can use either salicylic or glycolic acid cleanser. Then, scrub your skin to exfoliate any dirt and oil present that can cause blackheads or worse, breakouts. 


An excellent skincare tool you can use for scrubbing is eDiva’s Ultrasonic Skin Scraping Spatula. It can get rid of the oil present in the deeper part of epidermis. This is ideally used for both deep cleansing and getting rid of dead skin. You can find it on Amazon


Balanced Nutrition. Whatever you eat, healthy food or not, will definitely affect the health of your skin cells. If you want to achieve a fairer and healthier skin, then consume foods that contain vitamins and minerals good for your skin. 


Moisturizing. Everytime you wash or cleanse, you lose important oils on your skin. Moisturize your skin using a product that suits your skin type. Apply it directly on your skin and use eDiva’s Ultrasonic Scraping Spatula to help the product penetrate deeper on your skin. 

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