Feb 22 , 2019


A lot of us still don’t trust the ads about some skincare products specially those we frequently see on TV commercials, blogs, social media and Youtube videos. Well, to clear out the confusions and doubt. We chose one skincare tool and analyze if it really works, the rose quartz facial roller. 

Rose quartz facial roller is one of the popular facial rollers you can find on the internet. It’s made up of 100% rose quartz roller and identical to another crystal facial roller called jade roller although rose quartz roller comes in pink and the color of the product usually varies as one of the characteristics of pure crystals. 

facial rollers enhance blood flow and skin tone, the flexibility of the skin, advance lymphatic waste, decrease puffiness, wrinkles and dim under eye circles, wipe out poisons, and fix and lessen pore estimate. 

Let’s cut the chase and find out if rose quartz roller really works. To get proper analysis, we would look at what real users of this product could say about it. 



As this skincare product is already popular, bloggers and influencers wouldn’t let this by without them making reviews about it. Here are some reviews about rose quartz facial roller. 

“… something y’all should add in your skincare routine! This face roller from @edivaclub keeps everything tight and right! … “ 



“… I love keeping mine chilled on my mini fridge, the cookies is so soothing on the skin and helps with puffiness and circulation… “ 

- @bev_influenster 


“…I use this roller to relax my facial muscles. This roller can also be used to smooth discolored and uneven skin. I have been using it around my eye area, nose, lips, and chin area. My jaw and neck area. I get a lot of sinus infections, so I have been also using it around my sinus area to relieve the pain and pressure. I wonder if I can use it on my back to relieve my back pain… “ 

- @beauty_bycamellia 


“…This roller is perfect, it helps you to build a younger, firmer, stronger skin. The roller is effective tool to relax facial muscles and smoothen uneven/decolorized skin…” 

- @memissgirl 



If you’re still not convinced about what influencer’s say about this skincare tool, then let’s take a look at what professionals say about rose quartz roller. 

An aesthetician and founder of Alchemy Holistics, Gina Pulisciano, narrated that she personally uses rose quartz facial rollers to her clients during skin treatment sessions. She admits that using rose quartz facial rollers, she had witnessed the amazing benefits of the products. She mentioned that it reduces redness and improves the skin tone and lymphatic drainage of the skin. 

A professional therapist from San Diego, California named Kathleen Lisson recommends this skincare tool to her clients, "If refrigerated, the rollers provide a small amount of relief from \- =swelling in the same way that an ice cube facial would, but with less mess," she says. "The main way face rollers help the lymphatic system is when they are used to stretch facial skin in the direction of lymph nodes in front of the ears." 



If we base on the reviews from the influencers and the experts, I guess this skincare tool works just as expected knowing as some experts use it personally on their clients. If you can afford to book at beauty salons, then why not buy your own skincare products instead as you’ll still have the same products applied on you if you go to salons. 

If you’re wondering where to get these products, it can easily be found on Amazon or eDiva’s website.  

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