Sometimes people ask us why our eDiva is a little more expensive than some of the brands found on Ebay and Amazon.

The answer is very easy.

Our eDiva is made using the most advanced techniques and most expensive, durable material possible… while our “cheap” competitors use thin acrylic that cracks, breaks and warps.

Here’s exactly what it takes to make a single eDiva beauty organizer.

The eDiva beauty organizers are fabricated from hand using a mold to make the rounded corners. The acrylic sheets are heated up and then placed in a mold to bend to the desired shape. We use the highest grade Lucite acrylic, called “cell cast acrylic”, from England who produces the highest quality acrylic we’ve found.

Cast acrylic is stronger and more clear than the cheaper extruded acrylic that many manufacturers use.

The edges of the eDiva are then cut using a highly sophisticated (and very expensive) lasering process.

They’re then chemically welded using a special cement. This bonds them together permanently for a much stronger bond. By hand-crafting the eDiva in this manner, it drastically reduces any “glue bubbles” which seem to be the hallmark of cheap competitors.

This all means you’re getting the clearest, smoothest, toughest, most dependable beauty organizer available on the market. And, if for any reason whatsoever you decide it isn’t for you, you’re still backed by our one-year, 100% money back guarantee.