The eDiva beauty organizer can be used for many different purposes. The longer you have it, the more uses you’ll find for it, including…


Beauty Product Organizer

The main function of the
eDiva beauty organizer is giving you a fashionable, easy way to organize your makeup and jewelry so you can use it “at a glance”.

Household Items

Have extra batteries, towels, and other random objects lying around the house in an unorganized fashion? Put them in an eDiva for fast, easy access!

In The Garage

Many men find the eDiva very useful for organizing their tools, fishing gear and other “manly things” in the garage. The eDiva logo can easily be peeled off if they don’t want their guy friends to see.

Perfumes And Lotions Galore!

Many women find the eDiva perfect to store things like perfumes and lotions. Plus… trinkets, pins, nick knacks and any other small object you tend to lose when you need it most!

Small Pieces Of Clothing

Both men and women can use the eDiva to easily sort and sift small clothes such as ties, under garments, buttons, and more!