Choosing the perfect makeup organizer can be a tough decision. After all, it has to look great… be functional… plus have enough space to hold all your beauty products.

eDiva™ covers it all, plus much more.

In fact, here are 5 great reasons we think you should choose eDiva as your beauty organizer.

  Reason #1: Become The Local Fashion Statement

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sleek and sexy woman who really “gets” makeup. You’re likely the woman in your neighbor who everyone else follows for makeup advice. So keep on ‘rockin those good looks by having both the best makeup, and the best beauty organizer in town!

  Reason #2: Be The Trend-Starter

Ever secretly wish you could start the next “big” trend? The style of eDiva‘s rounded corners and sleek design is the new trend in beauty product organization. The Kardashians… several of the most sophisticated “beauty queens” on Earth… already proved it by prominently displaying their clear beauty organizer on their hit show. So go ahead and show it off to your girlfriends. Be the trend-starter, and soak it up!

  Reason #3: Get One, Keep It Forever

You’ve likely bought cheap makeup organizers in the past. The flimsy ones that crack, break, and fall apart. eDiva is made of the highest grade acrylic available which allows it to both look fantastic and be nearly indestructible.

  Reason #4: Enough Space To Fit Everything You Need

The eDiva beauty organizer comes with 6 big drawers, each of them measuring 1 square foot, with the bottom drawer being 4 inches deep (deep enough to hold your nail polish collection). It also comes with removable dividers so you can easily organize your makeup and jewelry for quick and easy access when you’re rushing out the door.

Plus, with better organization comes less mess. No more powder messes all over your entire makeup collection!

  Reason #5: Zero Risk

You can try out the eDiva for a full year before deciding if it’s perfect for you or not. If at any time in the next year you decide it’s not for you… simply send it back for a full, 100% refund. And, if by some small chance any of the drawers crack, chip or break, let us know and we’ll send you a replacement absolutely free.