We’re constantly asked why our eDiva™ beauty organizer is “worth the money”. In other words, why pay more money when you can get the same thing for less?

The answer is, you can’t.

There are very real, significant differences that make the eDiva™ the only option for a true Diva who respects her beauty products.

The differences vary. So let’s discuss the two categories of options we’re talking about here.

Really Cheap – $50 – $100

These beauty organizers that may typically be found on places like eBay shouldn’t even be given a second thought. They might have their place in a dingy basement storing old nick knacks, but they should never even be considered for holding your beauty products.

Any true Diva wouldn’t be caught dead using a makeup organizer like this, so let’s move onto the next category…

The $150 – $200 beauty organizers.

At first, these may appear to be a good deal.

But don’t be fooled.

We’ve discovered 11 hidden reasons these are not the best bang for your buck.

11 Reasons The eDiva™ Stands Head & Shoulders Above
Anything Else You Might Be Considering…

Reason #1: No Monthly Payment Option
When you invest in the eDiva™ you’ll have the option of splitting your investment up into 3 separate monthly payments. That way you can get started cheaper than other organizers!
Rock-Solid Stability
Most generic Chinese-made beauty organizers are made with thin pieces of acrylic for the top/bottom and drawers. This helps them save money. Unfortunately it also causes the unit to warp and bend out of shape once you fill it with your beauty products!

Our eDiva™’s are built with rounded corners allowing us to construct the whole top and sides with one thick upside down “U” shape. This gives your eDiva™ great structural integrity and strength. It won’t warp or bend out of shape no matter how much you add.

Reason #3: Proprietary Rounded Design
eDiva™ is the only beauty organizer in the world with our sleek, rounded design. It stands out from all other organizers and adds a unique touch of class wherever you put it. Plus it goes great with any decor!
Reason #4: Solid Drawers That Don’t Jam
Since the eDiva™ is built with solid, thick acrylic throughout the entire product, you get smooth, solid drawers that can hold 2-4x the weight of “normal” beauty organizers. Stuff it as full as you like… it won’t bend or break!
Reason #5: Fast, Free Shipping
Each eDiva™ is processed and shipped out within 24-48 hours. Shipping is 100% free and you will typically receive your eDiva™ within 7 days of ordering.
Reason #6: Thick, Tough Acrylic
All makeup organizers are made out of acrylic. The thickness is what makes the difference. Most organizers on eBay/Amazon use much thinner acrylic (to save money) and this causes weak points which causes the unit to twist and warp as you add more beauty products to it. The eDiva™ is made with the most thick, tough acrylic of any beauty organizer on the market!
Reason #7: 1 Year Full Warranty
We know how much stronger our eDiva™ is than any other beauty organizer in the world. That’s why we guarantee it will never crack, warp or yellow. If for some strange reason it does, we’ll ship you a replacement part 100% free!
Reason #8: 1 Year “Any Reason” Guarantee
eDiva™ is the only company to offer a full 1 year guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, at any time within 1 year, just ship it back for a full refund. No questions asked!
Reason #9: Ergonomic “No Mess” Handles
Our ergonomic handles make it simple to move your eDiva™ even if your fingernails are wet. No mess, guaranteed!
Reason #10: Adjustable Grid Dividers
Our adjustable grid dividers allow you to shift and sort your makeup depending on how you use it. eDiva™ customers love this as it allows to constantly mix & match for a versatile look that’s constantly changing!
Reason #11: Fast, Helpful Customer Support
Go ahead and send an email to our support team, along with any of our competitors. See who sends you back the fastest, most helpful, clearest response (hint: It’s going to be us)

So how do we stack up?

Organizers under $100 shouldn’t even be a consideration for any true Diva.

Organizers between $150 – $200, like the ones found on Amazon, might be “slightly” less money than eDiva™, but is it worth pinching a few pennies to know you bought an inferior product? Would you feel proud of it, knowing you could have invested just a few extra dollars in an eDiva™?

Make the right decision.

We offer several eDiva™’s in various sizes, starting at $199.