When it comes to beauty organizers, one size does not fill all. Some women concerned with price alone choose to go the route of “cheap” organizers. The flimsy, thin-plastic, warped, ugly organizers you can find at place like Ebay or Walmart.

While those organizers have their place (perhaps in a dingy basement to store old nick knacks), I’m sure I can assume you don’t want to trust your makeup and beauty collection to something that looks like it was made for a 4th graders toy box.

As a Diva, you wouldn’t dare be caught with that.

YOU want something with a little more class. A little more elegance and beauty. A little more unique style that showcases your own dedication to fashion as it flawlessly displays your impressive collection of beauty products.

Even so, you still want to invest your money wisely and make the right decision.

Here are a few unique advantages you won’t find in other beauty organizers… even those more expensive than eDiva™!

  Extra Drawer For Your Nail Polish

I used to hate laying my nail polish on its side, only to have it spill and ruin my organizer. That’s why we developed the eDiva™ Princess with an extra deep bottom drawer, so your nail polish or other tall beauty products can stand up on their own!

  Jam-Free Drawers

Nothing is more frustrating than drawers which jam and break. The eDiva™ drawers are extra sturdy and maintain a frictionless glide for easy access and that silky-smooth feel a Diva like you is sure to appreciate.

  Unbreakable Clear Acrylic

Made with the highest grade Lucite acrylic in the world, you’ll feel like a princess pampered in luxury knowing you have the highest quality, most gorgeous, virtually unbreakable clear acrylic beauty organizer ever created.

  Extra Dividers For Easier Organizing

Love to be organized and know exactly where your beauty products will be? You’ll receive free “adjustable” grid dividers you place inside the drawers to separate your favorite beauty products for instant organization.

  Stylish Design Fit For A Queen

You deserve better than the boxy, sharp-edged organizers that you see everywhere else. Ediva is the only beauty organizer in the world with sleek, sexy curved corners so you can maintain your personal style and fashion weaved throughout the rest of your bathroom.

  Free, Fast Shipping

Why wait 30-45 days with “other” beauty organizers and pay a kings ransom for shipping? When you invest in the eDiva™ you’ll receive FREE 24-48 hour shipping to anywhere in the United States!


These are just a few reasons eDiva™ is the right choice for you. Below is a quick example of how we stack up to our (more expensive) competitors!

Features Cheap Makeup
Clear Cube eDiva  
Easy to clean Yes Yes Yes  
Enough space to fit all/most of your makeup Yes Yes Yes  
Created with highest grade acrylic (for max durability) No Yes Yes  
Drawers that open easily and don’t jam No Yes Yes  
Free “adjustable” grid drawer dividers No No Yes  
 30 day unconditional 100% money-back guarantee No No Yes  
Stylish, clear acrylic design with cute, rounded corners No No Yes  
Free shipping No No Yes  
Ships within… Varies 30-45 days 24-48 hours