How eDiva™ Became The Worlds #1 Most Valued Beauty Organizer

My name is KC and I’m the co-founder of In the next few minutes I’d like to share my story and why we built the eDiva™ to be head & shoulders above any other beauty organizer on the market.

For most of my adult life, I’ve been a professional makeup artist. So after moving from the Philippines to Canada in 2010, I came upon a pretty disastrous problem…

I could not find a beauty organizer that fit my new bathroom!KC - Co-founder

The first area I setup in my new home was the makeup area in the bathroom. I wanted to display in between our dual sinks. I also wanted everything stored in one central, easy to organize place. I also wanted it to be clear, since it would make it much easier to find all my makeup at a glance.

So I began hunting for a good beauty organizer.

I searched everywhere. Walmart. Target. Sephora. Ebay. Everywhere!

The problem was… some were too bulky. Some were too small. Most were ugly and flimsy. They looked like something used in a kindergarten classroom to store crayons and markers.

I finally settled on one I found on eBay for $200. I was disappointed the moment I first looked at it. Picking it up for the first time, it felt TOO light. And I was right. It was so flimsy that the drawers kept getting stuck and I could literally see it bending if I moved it.

Worse, it was constructed horribly. Big glue bubbles polka-dotted the entire thing. If I put all my makeup in it, the drawers buckled and sagged. More than once, they even collapsed!


And Then Came The Event That Broke The Straw On The Camel’s Back!

One night I was getting ready for a friends wedding. I was in a hurry and very stressed from a long week at work.

As I was getting ready, the top drawer collapsed on the others and sent my entire makeup collection spewing all over the floor. Several of my favorite nail polishes and other pieces of makeup cracked, and stained the bottom of my dress!

Over the next several months, I began going back and forth with ideas that would help create a beauty organizer that was without question, the best value of any beauty organizer on the market.

First, I began researching the competition. I found TheClearCube and was initially impressed with its style, only to realize I would have to wait 6 weeks to receive it. In addition, my emails were not answered for a week and shipping + dividers was going to put the price around $400! Needless to say I knew it would be easy to add more value than that.

That’s why our eDiva shipping is free and our emails are typically answered within 24 hours. We have some of the most amazing, caring support staff in the world.

Next we focused on design and functionality.

As a professional makeup artist, the design and functionality had to be perfect. We focused on creating a piece of art, as compared to a makeup box. As we began drafting ideas on the perfect design, we knew it had to be clear. That makes it versatile enough to fit any decor. Plus we added rounded designs, which make it more sleek and stylish. We then got a patent on this so no other person on the planet can use a rounded design.

We also realized we could create it in an inverse “U” shape which adds much-needed stability and strength so the drawers slide easily without warping or breaking.

This, again, is something no other beauty organizer on the market has.

Finally, we wanted to create the design in 2 different sizes. That way everybody, with any sized bathroom, could fit it easily within their current decor and have a single location to keep all of their beauty products.

So we developed two eDiva‘s. The Duchess, and the Princess.

You can read more about each of these, here.


And Then Came The Time To Get Them Created!

We then moved to the prototype stage where I started to contact manufactures. After spending months figuring out the best sizes, shapes and constructions that would build the most stylish, sturdy beauty organizer in the world, and after 6 different iterations, we finally agreed and began building them.

eDiva™ was then incorporated in October, 2011… after over an entire year of planning, developing and risking a lot of our own personal income!

However, looking back at it, every single second was worth it.

We now have created a game-changing beauty organizer that all others aspire to. We’ve created countless fans, customers and advocates who all love the eDiva™ and give it their highest praise.

And personally, I know I’ve done a tremendous service for both my industry as well as Diva’s like you all over the world!

Here are just a few samples of what people say about the eDiva™…

    • Here is my eDiva all set up, I love it so much I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without it, I can easily find all my make-up!

      Katherine Pineda from Alta Loma, California

    • I’m in love !!!!!!!! It came Friday. I can’t believe how much makeup it holds. I’m definitely impressed.

      Traycee Simmons from Los Angeles, California

    • I received the eDiva & thank you for the extremely quick shipping. It’s so sleek and beautiful, I’m so happy with my purchase.

      Jennifer Charles from Punta Gorda, Florida

    • I received my order today!!! The fastest shipping not to mention free shipping ever. Thats fantastic! Very Satisfied customer. Can’t wait to use it!! :-)

      Emily Sutton from Chesapeake, Virginia


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So Which eDivaIs Right For You?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my story and the story of how the eDiva™ came to life. It’s been a wonderful process and I can’t wait to hear YOUR story after getting one for yourself and seeing how truly amazing this product is.

Now I’d like you to take a look at our two current models and see which one might be better for your home. Since creating the first two eDiva™‘s we’ve also added a third which adds in various new components to help round out your makeup collection and give you everything you need to look your best and have your makeup organized in one central, easy to use location.

Go here to compare the eDiva‘s and see which is best for you.

Thank you!

Co-founder of the eDiva™