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Find Your Makeup In Seconds

The eDiva™ Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

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Find Your Makeup Instantly
No more scrambling around, rushing out the door because you couldn’t find your makeup or jewelry. The thick, clear design with stylish rounded corners lets you see all your beauty products at a glance… and keep it all organized in one place.

Imagine the face of your boyfriend or husband when you walk out of the bathroom, ready to go, before they are!

Fits Easily In Your Bathroom
The eDiva™ is about the size of a folded towel, and fits the decor of nearly any bathroom. Put it on your bathroom counter, vanity, dresser or table and turn it into your own little diva makeup center! Have your girlfriends stop over and quickly become the next fashion icon in your neighborhood!
Plenty Of Space To Hold All Your Beauty Products
Even the most sophisticated beauty queens have plenty of storage space for your ever-growing mountain of makeup. The eDiva Duchess contains 5 doors with 1,200 cubic inches of space. The spacious eDiva Princess contains 6 drawers (including a 4-inch bottom drawer perfect for holding your nail polish collection) with 2,304 cubic inches of space!

See the differences between the Duchess and Princess here

Supports Your Need To Look Great At All Times
Sometimes you simply want to look your best and show off your beauty. It’s OK, we all do! In order to do that you have to be able to find the perfect makeup. The eDiva holds anything you need to make yourself pretty, including makeup… jewelry… and anything else you want to organize. You’ll have your beauty products at your fingertips, so you can look your best for any occasion.
Sturdy And Durable With Easy-Sliding Drawers
The biggest complaint we get from women who want to save money and purchase cheap beauty organizers is that they’re poorly made with flimsy drawers that get stuck. The eDiva is made of the highest grade acrylic possible, about 1/2 inch thick so the drawers slide like butter and you never have to worry about cracks, chips, breaks or warping… even if you load it to the brim!
Easy Cleanup In Under 30 Seconds!
The eDiva makeup organizer can be cleaned in just 30 seconds or less. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth, then buff dry with a dry cloth to get it sparkling like new!

Plus, acrylic itself stays beautiful for years to come. Used to make shower doors, windows and skylights, acrylic resembles the look of glass but is stronger, lighter, doesn’t shatter… and will never turn yellow, brittle or crack if properly cared for.

Loved By The Kardashians
Like many women, the Kardashians are busy girls looking for a stylish way to organize their beauty products in the most efficient manner possible. That’s why clear makeup organizers were seen on their hit TV show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.
The eDiva beauty organizer is as tough as they come. Made out of 1/2 inch thick, high-grade, clear acrylic, it will stand up to nearly any abuse – even a fall from a high counter. No warping, distorting, chipping or cracking. The drawers are guaranteed to slide smoothly.

Plus the see-through construction lets you view all your beauty products at a glance. This saves precious time, especially when you’re in a rush to get out the door. And if for some reason, any reason, you don’t think it’s the most stylish… hardy… easiest to manage beauty organizer you’ve ever owned, simply send it back for a full, 100% refund.

Free, Fast Shipping
Most other sellers of clear makeup organizers charge outrageously high shipping fees, with shipping times taking up to 45+ days in many cases. The eDiva has free shipping to anywhere in the United States, and all orders ship within 24-48 hours along with a tracking number so you can follow it straight to your doorstep!

We love our customers! Below are honest reviews from just a handful of our passionate (female AND male) customers.

I just got my eDiva beauty organizer and I love it ! So beautiful and stylish I never knew my makeup could look so organized and chic ! And the eDiva team was so helpful. thanx again.

Britney Durbin from Van Nuys, California

Thank you once again for this beautiful organizer, I’m completely in love & shocked with how much makeup this organizer can hold. I love it so much and thank you ediva for making the best acrylic beauty organizer out there for the makeup lovers. XOXO SYLVIA NAUTH❤

Sylvia Nauth from Long Island, New York

I have had this gorgeous ediva for two months right now and I absolutely adore it! The acrylic is so sturdy and spacious. I just started out with my obsession of cosmetics and I needed something to organize my things. This came in handy! I did so much research and was recommended Muji storage but I decided to take a risk. What a great risk I took!

At this point in time not only do I adore my ediva storage but I’m also outgrowing this one. I’ll be purchasing another one soon with no hesitation.

The payment plans allowed me to afford to purchase this as well as organize my things easily. You can see right through it to know what you have stored there without having to waste time sorting through the unit.

This has been the best purchase ever! Thank you so much! Their customer service rocks as well!

Jennifer Maldonado from Bronx, New York

I LOVE my eDiva! I’m currently trying out how I want to arrange my make up to see how much faster I can put my make up on in the morning. Although it was shipped with the wrong dividers, your customer service personnel addressed my issue and shipped the correct ones the very next day. I’ve been sharing my personal pics with friends for bragging rights. Thank you for checking up on such a wonderfully invested product!

Aimee Lovejoy from Oxnard, California

I have received my eDiva. and I love it. I went to the web page to leave a review but did not see that option. Let me say this, this is by far my best investment for my beauty products….hands down. I have made a video to post to my youtube channel, but have not upload it yet. I will be purchasing another princess (after I finish my payment options with this first one). I am attaching pictures of my before and after for you of how I have organized it.

Terri Smith from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of this organizer and the exceptional excellence in customer service from this company! When I was trying to decide between the ediva princess and competitor products, ediva customer service answered all of my email questions within a few hours of me sending them. Not only is this rare from a company that you’ve purchased product from, but I was not yet a paying customer and they treated me like a loyal customer of 20 years!

Not only was the shipping prompt (my princess arrived on Monday morning, and I ordered it on Thursday after business hours!), but when my princess arrived, it was well packaged and protected. One of my inserts came cracked, so I emailed ediva customer service pictures and they promptly sent me a replacement with no hassle at all.

As you can see from my pictures, the princess fit all my cosmetics products WITH extra room to spare (because let’s be honest, I’m going to keep buying makeup). It looks flawless and expensive and beautiful on my dresser, and it makes getting ready in the morning easy and quick because I can find everything I need in a snap! I know that this organizer is expensive, but it is worth every penny for its sleek look, durability, and functionality.

I already have friends and family members thinking about purchasing one for themselves! We invest so much money in our products, so why not purchase something durable and beautiful that will protect AND display it all??

Samantha Dean from Allentown, Pennsylvania

Thank you I am I am absolutely in love with My eDiva make up,I Organize all my makeup the first day it came, I was so excited, the eDive perfectly fits all the makeup and it organizes Face, Cheeks, Eyes, Lashes and Lips to makeup into different sections there is evening enough room for me to purchase to more makeup in the future.

Christine Leon from Middletown, New York

I just wanted to say that I received my eDiva a few days ago and from the moment I opened it from the packaging I fell in love, I immediately stopped everything what I was doing and started filling up the “Duchess” drawers with my makeup, after it was completely filled up I couldn’t stop staring at it, I felt like a little girl opening her Christmas gift ahah.

I thought since I spend a lot of money on makeup hey why not invest in a great acrylic organizer. This product is made very well and I absolutely love it & I’m also very glad I came across your website to make a wonderful purchase. Thank you

Navindra Nauth from Long Island, New York

I received my eDiva and it is absolutely beautiful. I intended to keep it for myself but, I ended up giving it as an early Mother’s Day gift. It is by far her favorite gift given by me. She can see everything she has, she loves organization and the quality is unbelievable!!!

Kari Nall from Clovis, California

My boyfriend has purchased the eDiva princess & I am absolutely in love with it. I actually did quite a bit if research before selecting eDiva…I read your comparisons & customer reviews in addition to those of several other brands. it was between eDiva & the ice box. price was definitely a factor, but in the end I couldn’t be happier!

Cheryl Green from West Linn, Oregon

Yes I have received it and my girl friend was very excited when I have it to her. Now all of her makeup can be in one spot and organized. She is very happy to have it and I couldn’t have gotten her anything better. Thanks for the follow up email.

Sean DiMicco from Mount Kisco, New York

The eDiva has changed my daily life in some very important ways- this is not an exaggeration!

I used to have more make-up and products that available space in my vanity area. I couldn’t find a thing in the morning when I was getting ready. Looking for stuff took time and also led me to take care of my products even less since I had to toss them around to get to what was underneath them. As a result, the space was always messy and the integrity and cleanliness of my products was compromised. Gross!

Since I have owned the eDiva, I can find anything I want whenever I want it. What a time saver. All my stuff looks really clean and everything has it’s own place. It’s easier for me to keep track of my items and I take care of them better now. All around a time saver and life improver!

Worth the investment without a doubt. I love it.

Leila Hinshaw from Chicago, Illinois

Shipping took less than a week to get to me which is pretty fast.

Packaging was phenomenal, there was a box with Styrofoam surrounding another box that had more styrofoam & bubble wrap that was definitely protecting the acrylic makeup storage.

Customer service was great! Very informative and quick to answer any questions I had.

The quality is amazing!! Super sturdy, not flimsy at all.

You can place it on your bathroom counter, vanity table, dresser or wherever and it looks nice, your makeup is protected from moisture & lint. You can obviously see everything that’s inside, so spacious, you can stack products on top of each other. Drawers come out smoothly without having to pull hard. It has little stoppers on the bottom so the case doesn’t slide around. Comes with dividers and 4 extra stoppers.

You can pay in full or in payments which not all companies do, so I love that!!

Karen Bueno from North Las Vegas, Nevada

Instagram: itsam0re

I received my ediva beauty organizer (princess)today !! I was like WOW!!!!!! I just LOVE it!!!!! It is so ELEGANT and it has lots of room for your needs! I am so impressed with this beauty organizer!!!! Ediva has made me one pleased lady today and I will recommend this organizer to all I know and then some!

Demetria Barclay from Gadsden, Alabama

I ordered my case just two days ago and I received it today. I can’t wait to set it up tomorrow!

Awesome customer service. I love the prompt delivery!

Melisa Constanza from Lanham, Maryland

I received my order and I really loveeeeeee it. I have been a make up junkie for a while now and I tend to go all out when it comes to my make up, I buy good quality make up and I feel I can finally put it in something so beautiful as well as organized.

I have been in the make up industry as well and will definitely recommend this to many of the make up artists that I know. I feel fortunate to have found a website that will give you a monthly pay option also because as much as we all want something so beautiful you can’t always do it at one time due to other monthly bills.

Anyway I just had to let u know that I am very satisfied, also with the fact that emails I have sent get responded to so quickly.

Deborah Shaw from Corpus Christi, Texas

I received my order today!!! The fastest shipping not to mention free shipping ever. Thats fantastic! Very Satisfied customer. Can’t wait to use it!! :-)

Emily Sutton from Chesapeake, Virginia

I got it, it arrived promptly & in great condition. I don’t just like it, I simply love it. Thanks for such a great product.

Judith Skellenger from St. Augustine, Florida

I received the eDiva & thank you for the extremely quick shipping. It’s so sleek and beautiful, I’m so happy with my purchase.

Jennifer Charles from Punta Gorda, Florida

Here is my eDiva all set up, I love it so much I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without it, I can easily find all my make-up and I even added my personal touch for my makeup brushes to stay clean and add a cloth to add a little style to my eDiva, this was the best purchase I could have ever made. Thank you!!!

Katherine Pineda from Alta Loma, California

I’m in love !!!!!!!! It came Friday. I can’t believe how much makeup it holds . I’m definitely impressed.

Traycee Simmons from Los Angeles, California
YouTube: KISSseventyseven

Shawntell Finley from Hueytown, Alabama
YouTube: shawntee38

I am so impressed by the weight and sturdiness of it….I just can’t tell you how blown away by it I am. I cannot wait to get all my makeup and skin care products organized in it. It arrived right before lunch today and I rushed home to see it. IT IS AMAZING!!!! What a fantastic product you guys are making. Thank you so, so much.

Leigh Saint-Germain from Houston, Texas

I absolutely love my eDiva. I got the larger one, forgot what it’s called. I thought it was super crazy spending $300 on a makeup case. I was so hesitant to do it. I really don’t know why because I spend hundreds at a time on makeup. It’s so true, why not protect my investment. My stuff was dusty, not organized and a mess. I didn’t even know what I had anymore. I put all my makeup in it yesterday and I am so in love with it. I have one drawer for lipstick, one for eyeshadow, etc. now when I’m getting ready I can see everything. Well, now I’m rambling. I plan on getting one for my daughter for Christmas. I love it that much. I am showing everyone at work the video. We are all makeup artists and I think it’s such a great product. Thank you.

Joanne from Oldsmar, Florida

Yes thank you I received the cosmetic case. It is beautiful and bigger than I thought. I bought it for my daughter and I am planning on ordering 1 for myself soon. Thank you

Kim from Chester, New Jersey

I absolutely love the product. It exceeded all of my expectations. I will definitely be recommending it to all of my friends and family.

Nitsa from Cleveland, Ohio

Your eDiva is a fantastic product and I am sure I will have many years of great use with it. I could not ask for your support team to be any better. They gave a response to my email and found a solution to my problem instantly. Great job! I am 100% satisfied.

Michelle from Springfield, Georgia

Wow, I could not be happier with my eDiva Princess! It’s so beautiful and the quality is just amazing. Putting on my makeup in the morning is so much more fun and efficient now. No more searching through drawers and makeup bags to find what I’m looking for. Now I actually know all the makeup I have! It’s all right there: organized, easy to find, and so pretty. This is a high quality organizer that is totally worth the investment and I’ll be using it for years to come. So impressed!Sukhi from Surrey, British Columbia
I love how I can see all of my makeup. I have this on my makeup vanity just outside the washroom. It really looks stinking cute sitting there already for me every morning 😉 It’s expensive, but I think it is definitely an investment.Sarah from Seattle, Washington
I love my eDiva™ Princess. Not sure what else to say 😉 It fits perfectly on my bathroom countertop and makes it super easy to get ready in the morning. No more having to look through drawers to find what I am looking for. It is all here in one easy to see organizer.Beth from San Antonio, Texas
I purchased this for my wife for Valentines Day. She just opened it and has fallen in love. Her favorite part is the ability to store her nail polish in the bottom drawer and still has room for some of her smaller perfumes and lotions.Brian from Miami, Florida
I received my eDiva promptly.

I opened the box right away, WOW is what I said.

It is awesome, looks great on my dresser. Even my boyfriend liked it.(heehee)it is filled with my goodies, and looks terrific. You can definitely see that the quality is superb!

Thank you for making something so nice and of great caliber!

Janice Gilormini from Wading River, New York

I’m glad I bought the princess, because the duchess wouldn’t have worked for me.

I’m just an average woman, make up is not my profession…but I needed the space. I had makeup in like 6 bags.

Plus, it looks beautiful.

It’s a great investment. I’m glad I made the decision to buy it.

Thereasa Locke from Ewing, New Jersey

I received my eDiva and I absolutely LOVE LOVE it!! Very well made and sturdy. Holds a lot of products and I can clearly see what I have.

Thanks so much for making a great product.

Angee Greenhill from Chicago, Illinois

I have received my eDiva and to tell you the truth I LOVE IT! After emptying my drawers and makeup case; I truly was not aware of how much makeup I had. The eDiva provides me the ability to place ALL my make up in a designated area and work from that 1 spot. This case has minimized my workspace for maximum use.

I was tempted to purchase another carrying case to compliment the additional makeup I had that just could not fit in my previous carrier. Product is well worth the money spent!

Khalilah MoSki from Hanover, Maryland

You may or may not have seen other, similar beauty organizers. Before you get seduced by a low price, remember that
you get what you pay for. Below is a simple comparison chart showing the (very honest) difference between
eDiva, our closest competitor, and generic/low-quality makeup organizers.


Features Cheap Makeup
Clear Cube eDiva
Easy to clean Yes Yes Yes
Enough space to fit all/most of your makeup Yes Yes Yes
Created with highest grade acrylic (for max durability) No Yes Yes
Drawers that open easily and don’t jam No Yes Yes
Free Bonus “Adjustable” Grid Dividers Varies No Yes
 30 day unconditional 100% money-back guarantee No No Yes
Stylish, clear acrylic design with cute, rounded corners No No Yes
Free shipping No No Yes
Ships within… Varies 30-45 days 24-48 hours

Why is the eDiva™ a little more expensive than some of the brands found on Ebay and Amazon.

Our eDiva™ is made using the most advanced techniques and most expensive, durable material possible… while our “cheap” competitors use thin acrylic that cracks, breaks and warps.

The eDiva™ beauty organizers are fabricated from hand using a mold to make the rounded corners. The acrylic sheets are heated up and then placed in a mold to bend to the desired shape. We use the highest grade Lucite acrylic, called “cell cast acrylic”, from England who produces the highest quality acrylic we’ve found.

The edges of the eDiva™ are then cut using a highly sophisticated (and very expensive) laser process. They’re then chemically welded using a special cement. This bonds them together permanently. By hand-crafting the eDiva™, we drastically reduces the “glue bubbles” which are so common in cheap competitors.

That’s what is required to give you the clearest, smoothest, toughest, most dependable beauty organizer available on the market. If for any reason whatsoever you decide it isn’t for you, you’re still backed by our one-year, 100% money back guarantee.

Click to view the Princess in 3D

eDiva™ Princess

Click to view the Duchess in 3D

eDiva™ Duchess

Sound like a dream organizer that will save you time and headaches, and help get you out the door faster when you’re rushing?

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